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Studio Backdrop Options

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Wondering what studio backdrop options are available for your portraits? Browse the selections below to decide on a look that will match your vision and preferred color scheme plus match the style and coloring of your clothing.

When choosing a backdrop, think about where you will be hanging your portraits up in your home. If you living room has creams, tans and pops of blue, you would not want to choose a red backdrop because it would stick out like a sore thumb. If you are wanting these portraits to be blown up into framed artwork or canvases, decide first where you will hang them before deciding on a backdrop. Then plan your outfit choice and colors around that.

Sofia Studio Backdrop

This back drop is perfect for a soft, creamy vibe. It has very faint white florals with a softened creamy color.

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Bone Backdrop

This backdrop is perfect for a solid creamy neutral look and versatile to hang up anywhere in your home.

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woodstock family photographer

White Textured Arch Wall Backdrop

This backdrop is a great neutral option with some depth and dimension from the arch in the wall and boho pampas grass vases. This option is not available for Cake Smash family portraits since the Cake Smash area is already set up by this wall.

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Beige Arch Wall Backdrop

This backdrop is a great neutral option with some depth and dimension from the arch in the wall. This option is not available for Cake Smash family portraits since the Cake Smash area is already set up by this wall.

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Woodstock photo studio

Pecan Backdrop

This one has a nice pop of creamy tans that matches neutral/ earthy tones very well.

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Pecan can be edited to be on the lighter side as well
canton photo studio
Add a texture to this backdrop for a fine art look
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I can desaturate the backdrop for a more brownish color as well.
Kennesaw maternity photo studio
Edited to be more brown

Solid White or Creamy White Backdrop

This solid drop can be edited to be a more pure white or a soft creamy white based on your preference. A white drop always looks classic for B&W photos too.

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Woodstock Pregnancy Photographer
Add on some flower overlays for a little extra magic
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Edited to be creamy instead of white
maternity studio Atlanta
This drop is perfect if you love black and white portraits.
Atlanta Woodstock Pregnancy Photographer
Edited to be more creamy for a softer vibe
Pregnancy photoshoot

Lifestyle Bed Stylized Set

If you are looking for a natural area for lifestyle posing then this one is perfect. You can sit on the bed, stand up, sit on the floor and more to provide different looks and angles. This set is shared with other photographers and might not be available at your scheduled time so reach out to ensure it is an options if you definitely want this set. If not, the other lifestyle sitting area set is always available and not shared.

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Medium Gray Backdrop

This drop can be edited to provide a medium gray or darker gray. It looks perfect if you love B&W photos too. It can also be edited to match a color in your outfits. See below where purple or soft teal green was used to match as well as texture can be added to give it a more fine art look.

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Woodstock family photographer
studio family backdrop options
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Add a textured layer to darker the backdrop and create a nice texture.
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Backdrop can be photographed with side lighting for a more dramatic look and textured layer added.
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Here the drop was changed to match the soft teal green in the kids outfits.
Alpharetta Family Photographers
Here the backdrop was edited to be a soft purple to accent the outfits nicely.
Woodstock Graduation Photographer
Edited to be a soft green to accent his school colors

Wren Backdrop

Darker browns with a nice watercolor texture

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Black Panel Wall Backdrop

This backdrop is sleek and elegant plus neutral to match several colors.

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Woodstock maternity Studio

Lifestyle Sitting Area Set

This set offers a white swivel chair with neutral colors, greenery and black accents. Perfect for lifestyle posing.

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Lavender Haze Texture

This dress matches perfectly with my lavender couture gown. Add on flower overlays for a little extra magic.

Maternity Photographer Marietta GA
Maternity Studio Alpharetta GA

Chestnut Backdrop

Looking for a bold color that pops then Chestnut is perfect. Add a texture overlay as well to provide a different look.

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This has a texture overlay on the backdrop.
Black Atlanta photographers
This is chestnut with some texture added
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Milk and Honey Backdrop

This backdrop is the perfect mix of creams and light tans with a slight watercolor texture. Very neutral to match any color scheme.

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Cape Backdrop

Cape is a go to favorite that has a nice creamy tan look with some slight texture in the background. It be edited to be a lighter tan or a darker tan based on preference. It can also be edited to add a color tint as well like the last image with a blue tint.

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You can add a tint to this backdrop as well to match your clothing- blues, pinks, yellow, wtc.


Backlighting is perfect for profile candid close up poses. It photographs beautifully in B&W as well for a timeless look.

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Backlighting is beautiful in black and white
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Truffle Black Backdrop

Black is also a classic color and this one can be edited to be more of a solid black or lightened up to showcase the soft texture in the background. If you are looking for something more dramatic, this backdrop is perfect.

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Maternity photographer Woodstock GA

Mocha Backdrop

Mocha is a nice mix between Chestnut and Pecan. Not as bold and not as brown but a softer, creamy tan.

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Julian Backdrop

If you love florals with a soft pink then this drop is perfect. It has a more fine art style and adds a touch of uniqueness to your session.

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Cream Brick and Wood Floor

If you are looking for a simplistic and natural look, this one is very subtle and puts the focus on you.

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woodstock child photographer
Looks great in B&W as well
woodstock family photographer

White Wainscoting Wall

This is a perfect neutral drop that provides a simplistic elegance look.

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atlanta maternity photographer
Best Family Photographers GA


I love sage greens and this backdrop is soft and subtle. It can also be edited to be a more blue-green as well.

Atlanta baby photographers
Backdrop edited to be more blue green
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Red Wainscotting Wall

This drop is perfect for Christmas, Valentine’s day or just because you love the color red! The glitter is an overlay so that can come off.

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Windmill Backdrop

If you love blue then this is the perfect soft blue backdrop

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French Blue Backdrop

If you have pops of blue in your home, this drop will be perfect. It can be edited for a darker or lighter blue with a nice soft texture in the backdrop.

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Ultra Marine Backdrop

If you want a blue with out the texture, then this solid backdrop is perfect.

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Woodstock GA photo studio
Backdrop can be edited to be a lighter blue as well.

Blue Crystal Backdrop

This backdrop is the perfect blue (not too dark, not too bright) but also offers a nice texture for added interest.

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Alpharetta photo studio
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Cotton Field Backdrop

This drop offers a fine art look with subtle cotton balls in the backdrop providing some texture.

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Baby photo studio Woodstock GA

Ruby Backdrop

This backdrop is perfect for Valentine’s day or Christmas or if you just love the color red. Add on a glitter overlay for some sparkle.

studio family backdrop options

Deep Woods Backdrop

This backdrop offers a nice emerald green with a subtle texture. It photographs beautiful with earthy tones.

Newborn and Maternity Photographers near Marietta GA
My Green Emerald dress is a perfect match for this backdrop
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Evergreen Solid Backdrop

If you prefer a solid green backdrop, then this one photographs nicely. You can also add on some texture for a more fine art look.

studio mommy and me photoshoot
mommy and me photoshoot
Here is the same backdrop but with texture added on

Fluffy Rug

If you love the poses of people laying on the floor looking up, then this drop is perfect for that. It is neutral and provides nice texture with the fluffy flokati rug. If you want some color, I have other options as well or this rug can be edited to have a color tint to match your outfits.

newborn studio photographer
Woodstock baby photographers
Mommy and me photoshoot
Dark Blue
canton baby studio
Alpharetta family photographers
Edited to be pink tinted
Atlanta family photographers
Edited to be purple tinted

Grey Watercolor

This backdrop looks perfect with greys, purples, blues and more. it has a nice watercolor texture to provide a nice fine art look. The color can be edited slightly to match your attire (more gray, more purple, more blue).

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Backdrop can be edited to look more gray

Solana Backdrop

This is a neutral drop with a little bit of grunge texture. It photographs well with many colors, especially earth tones and golds.

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newborn photographer Woodstock GA
studio family photographer

Gray Wainscoting Wall

This wall is elegant and simplistic. It can also be edited to be a navy blue as well.

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Gold Watercolor

If you want some boldness added to your session, this backdrop definitely adds some glam.

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Spring Door

This drop is perfect for Spring time with neutral colors and pops of pink.

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Pastel Bokeh

This backdrop has pretty pastel colors and some bokeh lights. Extra sparkles and bokeh lights can be added in to give it more pizzazz as well.

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Woodstock Senior photographers

Pink Fog Spotlight

Have a little pop star? This backdrop is perfect with the pink fog, sparkles and disco balls added for some fun.

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Alpharetta photographer

Dover Backdrop

Dover can be edited to be a cooler toned white drop or a creamy colored drop with a grungy texture to provide a unique look. Photographs well with any colors.

studio family backdrop options
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Senior Backdrop for Graduation Sessions

If you have a Senior graduation, this lit up backdrop is perfect.

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Kennesaw Graduation Photographers

Enchanted Window Holiday Set (extra fee)

This holiday backdrop is only available during the end of Sept-Dec and features a perfect neutral set to match with any color scheme (Navy, Red, Hunter Green, Blush, Gold and more). Utilize the client closet for a stylized look that will match perfectly. Extra $100 set up and breakdown fee to utilize this magical set as part of your session.

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NEW- Holly Green Wainscoting Wall (no pictures yet)

Christmas Barn (extra Fee)

This holiday backdrop is only available during the end of Sept-Dec. Utilize the client closet for a stylized look that will match perfectly. Extra $100 set up and breakdown fee to utilize this magical set as part of your session.

Studio christmas mini
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Christmas sessions near me

I am looking forward to our upcoming Family Portrait Session!

Reach out to connect with me on your preferences and vision for your upcoming session.

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