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Finding the BEST maternity dress for your Photoshoot

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Looking for a more of a “Wow” factor gown for your Maternity portrait session? Read these helpful tips on places that have the best quality and look to ensure your vision is executed with the best maternity dress for your photoshoot.

You found your photographer and picked out a location but you’re having a hard time finding the perfect dress. The “Wow” factor look you are going for is not sold in stores to try on and shopping online is so hard because you never know what quality you are going to get. Stay away from China sellers! They steal high end pictures from US designers and mock up a cheap version that looks nothing like the image they showcased. Many of the Amazon / Ali-express dresses are selling these “China” version gowns and the quality is not up to par. The material is different, the color does not match the image, they do not fit properly and they are very see-through. If you are on a tight budget, these gowns might do (for a far away pose) but up close, you might not like how it appears.

Below are some trusted sites that sell better quality maternity dresses and have a variety of looks to match your vision and style. I included a few sites with different pricing options to meet your budget. Be sure to purchase your dress at least 4-6 weeks in advance. You want to be able to try it on and make sure it works before your portrait session. The best time to scheduled a Maternity session is at the 30-34 week mark, when you are feeling your best and your belly has popped. Those last few weeks can be miserable, the weight can pack on and it can be hard to walk and move around. Also, worst case, you risk the chance of going into early labor and missing the opportunity completely to document your Maternity. Start planning your Maternity session at 4 months so that you can find your photographer, decide on a location and then find a dress to match the outdoor/studio setting you chose.

Maternity dresses that work for your portrait session

Sew Trendy is SUPER high quality and the best dresses out there. Their price range averages between $275-$550 per gown but man are they are Gorgeous! They also have girl gowns if you have a sibling in the photo as well. You get what you pay for with this company and they will not disappoint. Since you might not wear this gown again, if you gift your gown to my client closet, I offer a print credit if you purchase a Sew Trendy gown and show me the receipt. You get the price paid minus $100. So if you paid $400, you get a $300 credit to use on canvases, Frames Artwork, prints, Album and more from my shop. Receipt required to show your gown was purchased from the actual website.

Chicaboo is another great Maternity gown site that offers a variety of styles and have a price range that averages between $75-$150. Be sure you are not buying just a shirt or a top as some looks have two pieces that need to be purchased. You can also gift your gown to my client closet and receive a print credit of the price you paid minus $50. Receipt required to show your gown was purchased from the actual website.

Baltic Born is a great shop that offers more casual style gowns that can be worn pre-pregnancy, during and after. They have dress styles that are bump friendly so that you can get multi wears out of purchasing a dress here. Perfect for portraits, baby shower, nice dinners and more.

Mama Bump Rentals- Want to just rent a designer dress and not pay the full cost? Mamma Bump rentals are perfect for that one time wear. Select your gown, put in your size, schedule the dress for 5 days (incase it rains) and return your dress. It is perfect for that one time wear to get a higher quality gown but not pay the full price. The only disadvantage is the weather and availability of the dress you want. If you get rained out, your schedule might not align with your photographer’s availability to get you back in with in 3 days (before you have to ship the dress back out) but maybe a studio option or early morning appointment can be a back up suggestion. The rentals vary between $45-$150 depending on the designer dress you choose.

I hope you find this information useful for your upcoming Maternity Session. Looking for a Maternity and Newborn Photographer that services the Great Atlanta area? Check me out at

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