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Why are Baby Milestone Photoshoots important?

baby milestone photos

Baby Milestone photos are just as important as the Newborn and 1 year photoshoots. Don’t miss the opportunity to document the growth of your baby before they become a toddler on the move.

Most people usually reach out to book their Maternity, Newborn and 1st year birthday photos but time flies by so fast that they overlook the milestone photoshoot. Baby’s change so much in those 1st 12 months so you want to document them professionally along the way.

The milestone session is important to document because it capture your baby’s development before they become a toddler on the move. The sweet spot age for a milestone session is around 6-7 months old (before they become too active). I try to achieve a variety of poses that documents everything they are learning to do like sitting up, grabbing their toes, on their belly trying to crawl and possibly standing up while holding onto something. I also like to capture all of their facial expressions like them sucking their fingers, smiling big, giving a serious face or a sweet smirk. This age is perfect to capture all of their sweet faces they gave as they were learning to explore the world around them, before they start having stranger anxiety and shyness (which comes closer to the 1 year mark).

Below is a session of Elijah who was the 12th baby in his family so he is definitely surrounded by lots of love. Mamma was on top of documenting this sweet boy from Maternity to Newborn and now his Milestone session. I cannot wait to do his 1st birthday shoot next to wrap up his 1st year of life.

Elijah sitting up on his own
Grabbing his toes
Laughing on his back
Big enough to sit up and hang on to a rocking toy
Sucking on those fingers. He tried to put anything and everything in his mouth!
Love this face!
Reaching for everything around him
He loved taking this hat off
Standing up on his own while holding onto the stool
Such a sweet face!

Ready to book your Baby’s milestone session?

It is best to reach out to your photographer 1-2 months in advance to start planning your baby’s milestone session. Many photographers get booked up quickly (and weekends book even faster) so you don’t want to miss the opportunity to document these sweet growth moments. I personally offer a full client closet for my milestone sessions with a curated selection of simplistic rompers, overalls, dresses and more that match the style and props I utilize so nothing is needed except a happy, rested and fed baby.

This is also a great moment to capture some updated portraits of Mom & Baby or Dad & Baby too so I like to start off with those poses first to warm baby up before we put the focus on them alone. Click below to reach out to me with more details on when you would like to schedule your Baby’s Milestone Session at my Woodstock GA location.

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