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Maternity Photoshoot poses and style options

Fine Art Maternity Photographer

It is time to schedule your Maternity session but you are trying to decide between an outdoor maternity session or a studio maternity session? Both types of sessions have a completely different look and have different advantages. Read more below to help you decide which maternity photoshoot poses you prefer and what style is a better fit.

Outdoor Maternity Sessions

These are perfect for those wanting a more natural look with seasonal foliage in the background. This session below was taken at Piedmont Park in Atlanta on a perfect Spring day when the dogwood trees just bloomed. However, Piedmont park requires a lot of walking but there are some pretty scenic spots like the open grassy fields, wooded fields, stone steps, small dock on the water, Atlanta Skyline view, walking trail and more. There are several outdoor location options depending on the look you prefer- farm lands, open park, urban area, waterfalls, woods and more.

Outdoor Pros:

  • Large open area to move around and capture different looks
  • Seasonal foliage to accent the images
  • Natural environment if you are incorporating a younger sibling who wants to run around and be on the move
  • More of a life-style, natural feel to the images
  • More space for posing, walking, interacting
  • Can fit larger groups if you have lots of siblings to incorporate
  • Lots of location options to choose from

Outdoor Cons:

  • Weather can be hit or miss, and you will not know until the last minute, so your session might have to be rescheduled.
  • Most likely outdoor sessions end up being too chilly or too hot- it is rare to have a perfect day.
  • Depending on the season, mosquitoes or gnats can be bothersome
  • Sunny days can cause squinty eyes
  • Can be lots of walking or hiking to get to the different photo spots
  • Parking can be an issue on perfect days when everyone is at the park
  • Delayed shooting due to having to wait for park traffic to move out of the way or waiting for another photographer to finish shooting their clients in the space the photographer wants to use.
  • Bathrooms or changing rooms most likely not available
  • Due to the angle of the sun, sessions can only be scheduled with in 2 hrs of sunset or sunrise for the best natural and flattering lighting.
Outdoor Maternity Session at piedmont park in atlanta

Studio Maternity Sessions

Studio session are perfect for those who are looking for more of an artistic high-end, fine art professional look. For instance, you can be more intimate and feel more comfortable showing skin and focusing on your bump. In addition, Fine Art studio sessions make great canvases for your walls. These sessions are also more convenient when it comes to having less stress of worrying about the weather, photographing in a comfortable temperature, needing a restroom or changing room close by and being in a private setting. Below are examples of a Studio Maternity session to give you an idea of the stylized look.

Studio Pros:

  • You never have to worry about the weather or rescheduling
  • Perfect temperature so you are not too chilly or too hot for your session
  • Convenient bathroom and changing rooms available
  • Ability to due some creative lighting for a different look (Side lighting, high key lighting and silhouettes)
  • More of an artistic / fine art stylized look plus intimate posing
  • Controlled lighting for flawless and consistent images
  • Less busy backdrops so the solid colors might coordinate in your home easier
  • No parking issues or worrying about people ruining your shot
  • No large amounts of walking required
  • Sessions can be scheduled at any point of the day since you are not working with the sun.

Studio Cons:

  • Less variety of background options like an outdoor location would have. Focus is more on the subject as opposed to the background scenery.
  • Smaller space so most images will be 1/2 body to 3/4 with maybe a couple of full body poses.
  • Most studio backdrops that private photographers have can only accommodate 4-6 people tops.
Studio Maternity Photographer
Fine Art Maternity Photographer

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